Fishing Charter



Captains Barb and Tony Peel

This ocean going couple were brought together by their love of fishing in 1997.  They each possess a 100 ton Masters USCG License.  Together they have guided many fishing trips off the North Eastern coast of the United States. They fish a variety of tournaments and have brought in many winning catches on board their Charter boat Sushi Hunter. Barb’s best catch was a 500 lb Thresher Shark. Together they have fished the world. Tony is also an IGFA  Captain and observer. 


Now retired to St Croix, they delight in sharing their experience with you to create a trip you will remember “FOREVER & ALWAYS”, which by the way, are their wedding vows.

Meet Our Team 

Green Cay Marina

First Mate Don VonPlinsky

Since Don was 8 years old, he has been fishing. He grew up in South Florida, were he soon spent over 25 years working on party and charter boats, loving every moment. He knows how to rig your lines for the best chance to catch fish in these waters. Don has joined our team and has fished winning tournaments with us here in St Croix. He especially enjoys seeing the faces of clients who may be catching their first fish, or their trophy fish.

We are active members of;

      St Croix Environmental Association

     The International Game Fish Association

     Golden Hook Fishing Club STX

    American Boat and Yahct Coucil

    Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

   Billfish Foundation 

   IGFA Member